tiistai 11. helmikuuta 2014

Happy Birthday J-pon~

I have been really lazy here and I'm really sorry about that. And I'm going to write about J-pon's birthday now and it happened almost 3 weeks ago... if I'm not wrong, so yea, I have been reeeeeaaally lazy. And somebody know that there was Hellocon too, but I'm going to leave it next time.

Anyway! Me, Lon and Haja decided to choose a dress code and we thought that lolita would be nice. There was some other interesting ideas, but maybe I don't write about them ^^''

 photo image_zps1f2e7fd0.jpg

I wanted to put that cute popcorn dress (Haja made it~) mostly because I didn't want to be sweet lolita again ^^'. Oh, and I'm not going to put here the photos we take with Haja's camera so if someone wants see more photos go to Haja's blog~ I'm going to put photos what I took with my phone because I'm little lazy... and yea...

So! J-pon didn't know about the dress code so it was surprise for her. We dressed her up at Haja's place and she was really pretty~ (at Haja's blog there are couple photos of her). We take some photos as I write about it already. And then we decide to go Maruseki and eat lot of good food~

 photo image_zpsb6f9459d.jpg

 photo image_zps1a9ed395.jpg

 photo image_zps32e990ff.jpg

 photo image_zpsb936effc.jpg

 photo image_zpsf20d88d4.jpg

That last one wasn't actually from Maruseki, but oh well. After that all, we decided to go back at Haja's place and play some Guitar Hero until our buss will come. The day was really fun and food was grate! And I really wanted to write more about this and all but well it happened 3 weeks ago so maybe this is enough? And maybe I try to write here often! And that's all for now I think.... yea, here is special photo in the end!

 photo IMG_6612_zps8467ce34.jpg

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