perjantai 22. marraskuuta 2013


This was so so great movie! Loki was of course awesome and Thor was great too~~ The parts where both of them was fun and awesome~ I haven't much to say maybe because I'm lazy as always (surprise!). But there was that woman... Jane Foster, I just can't like her. And the ending... I can't wait to see more~

I just have to put this video here because Loki~~

I went see this mostly because of Jim Caviezel (act Hobbes in this movie). And I thought that this would be good because it's sound interesting. But well... the idea was good but some reason I didn't like this much :/

I was waiting to see this! And it was good~~ I don't know what should I write about this even it was good movie. It was serious and sad etc. But some reason there was couple of parts what make me laugh even it shouldn't.... ^^''

I think this is all for now and I probably write soon more~

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